Type 8400 – Temperature Transmitter / Switch / Display

Ordering Chart
8400 Sensor/Switch for sensor connection NPT 1/2 Item no.
NPN and PNP M12 plug 5 pin 98108577

Accessory for ON/OFF Temperature Control System 8400 Item no.
M12 female cable connector with plastic threaded locking ring 917 116
5 pin M12 female connector moulded on cable (2 m, shielded) 438 680

More versions Item no.
Transmitter version is available with 4 ... 20 mA output in 8 pin M12 (please see datasheet for details) 98108573
Relay version is available (please see datasheet for details) 98108576

Programmable pressure sensor with switching and transmitting functions. It has a large display with bar graph and simple menu guided controls. Connection to the process with standard stainless steel connection and it can be set up with alarm, control or monitoring functions.
Technical Data
Measuring range -40 °F...+257 °F (ambient 32 °F - 104 °F)
Switching accuracy ±.09 °F (0...176 °F)
Switching activity ±2.7 °F
Repeatability 0.40%
Housing material, cover PC+20% grass fiber
Sensor element Pt100
Wetted parts (NPT seal) 316L stainless steel, FKM
Ambient temperature range -0 °F...+140 °F
Ingress protection IP65
Voltage supply 12…30 VDC
Protection Reversed polarity of DC protected
Current consumption max. 80 mA (no Load)
Max. cable length 328.1' shielded
Electrical connections Cable plug
Multipin 5 pin, M12
Output Transistor output NPN and PNP open collector 5…30 VDC, 700 mA
  • Outputs : Relay 3 A/250 or 3 A/30 VDC; 4-20mA optional
Envelope Dimensions [inch] (see datasheet for details)
Type 8400
1.2" 2.16" 2.16" 4"

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