Type 8644 Rockwell – AirLINE Modular Process Actuation and Networking System

Ordering Chart
Communication Item no.
16 valves (8 x (2 x 3/2-way))
16 digital inputs
Item no.
24 valves (12 x (2 x 3/2-way))
24 digital inputs
AB 219 284 219 285
This chart shows only 2 simple configurations. The 8644 can be configured in a vast array of possibilities. Please contact our experienced technical support for more options.

AirLINE is more than a valve island. It accepts a wide array of digital and analogue field inputs and sends digital and analogue outputs for exact control where it matters.

This unique device marries virtually any combination of valve island functionality and electronic signals to the widest range of fieldbus connectivity.

AirLINE leaves the freedom to choose between electronic modules as it creates a fully integrated fieldbus communication, process valve actuation and control platform.
Technical Data
Body material PA (polyamide)
Seal material FKM, NBR
Media Lubricated and non-lubricated dry air,
neutral gases (5 μm-Filter)
Manual override Yes
Voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC
Nominal power 2 x 1 W
Duty cycle Continuous operation (100% ED)
Cv 0.28 / QNn = 300l/min
Pilot method Flipper pilot
Circuit function C 3/2-way normally closed
Pressure range 36.25 - 145 PSI
Orifice size 4 mm
Pneumatic outlet Push in 1/4" tube
CE mark
  • Further valves
  • Further digital and analog input/output slots
  • Allen Bradley
  • Circuit function D (normally open 3/2-way valves)
  • Circuit function H (5/2-way valves)
  • 16mm wide valves with Cv of 0.64 / 600l/min
  • Cover plates for open slots
  • Fully installed in one piece cabinet

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