Types SE30 and SE30HT – INLINE Flowmeter for Continuous Flow Measurement

Ordering Chart
Description Item no.
Standard Hall effect 423 913
Low-power Hall effect 1) 423 914
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1) for use with Burkert electronics only.

Unique bayonet style flow meter constructed from an SE30 sensor and an S030 flow fitting. Perfect for neutral, solid free liquids. A Hall effect sensor produces a square wave frequency proportional to the flow rate.
Technical Data
SE30 housing material Polycarbonate
Ambient temperature 5 °F - 140 °F
Voltage supply / current 12…36 VDC ≤ 30 mA
Max. cable length 164' shielded
Electrical connections Cable plug
Outputs Transistor PNP and NPN, Max. 100mA
Protection and approvals IP65, CE
Sensor size range 1/2" to 2" with bayonet fitting
Measuring ranges 1 to 33 fps
Measuring error (stand. k-factor) ≤ ±(0.5% o.FS + 2.5% o.R)
Linearity, repeatability ≤ ± 0.5% o.FS (at 33fps), 0.4% o.R.
Fitting materials Brass, Stainless* (NPT), PVC (ASTM Union)
Sensor materials PVDF paddle wheel with ceramic bearings
O-rings FKM
Max. fluid temperature 212 °F (metallic), 122 °F (PVC),
Max. fluid pressure 232 PSI (metal), 145 PSI (PVC)
  • Hygienic clamp and ASME weld end connections
  • ANSI flange connection
  • PVDF and PP fittings
  • High temperature version to 257°F (125°C)
  • Low flow fittings down to 6 mm
  • High flow fittings (8020) to 16"
  • Cable plug 2509, 1/2" conduit
  • Various sealing materials
  • Individual calibration certificate
Envelope Dimensions [inch] (see datasheet for details)
Types SE30 and SE30HT Envelope Dimensions
3.58 2.13 2.60

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